Friday, March 23, 2007

Notes from the Pantry: Ice Breaking News

Olive oil ice cream + strawberries + balsamic reduction = tasty! I also sprinkled on some heavy duty sea salt crystals -- I swoon for sweet/salty combos, and this mix of flavors lends itself to the addition particularly. I also chopped a little mint for garnish, although I expect sweet basil would go well too. Avocado ice cream is next on the list...


Kit said...

you tried it!
How I love thee.
I wish I was there to try it.

I think I might try cooking tomorrow morning. If I make something fun and send you the pictures will you post them for me?

Kit said...

avocado smoothies at e-cafe on castro street (could be renamed) are very tasty. I think it would be awesome to have some avocado chunks frozen in there too.