Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Notes from the Pantry: Freakish Food

I have a personal policy of buying one "weird" food item whenever I go to the grocery store. Of course, I grocery shop recreationally, so my shelves are filled with hits and misses.

1.) Goat Milk Ice Cream. Fig -- hit! Deep Chocolate -- miss.
2.) Miso paste. Yellow -- hit! Red -- miss.
3.) Fig spread -- hit! Especially with blue cheese.
4.) Sweet chestnut puree -- orgasmic hit. In crepes. With butter. Oh god...
5.) Shirataki noodles -- strange, but a hit.
6.) Beet liquid sweetener -- not tested, from "Sweden" (i.e. IKEA foodmart)
7.) Salmon roe spread -- miss, also from "Sweden." A country of such attractive people produces this? I don't understand.
8.) Agave sweetener -- not tested, but recommended in my cupcake cookbook.
9.) Organic Oreas -- sweetened with brown rice syrup. Like regular oreos, without a trans-fatty crunch. I'm their market demographic, but I fear this was a miss.
10.) Quail eggs -- boiled, served with steamed asparagus. I'm in love.

Also -- it's finally hot enough to enjoy iced coffee again! Oh snap!

Mmm, only seven hours until breakfast...


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