Sunday, April 29, 2007

Notes from the Pantry: Egg-cellence

I am in love with these eggs.

Marin Sun Farms promises the tastiest eggs from the luckiest chickens, and as far as I am concerned, these eggs deliver. At $7/dozen, they aren't cheap, but I got what I paid for.

The eggs (a motley mix of brown, white, and blue) displayed their quality at first crack: the whites were superbly viscous and yolks of stunning safety-orange. Thick whites are a calling card of fresh eggs, and the deep vibrance of the yolks a testiment to the varied and highly-nutritious diet of the pasture-raised flock.

With these eggs, I had: 1 quiche (4 eggs), 3 devilled eggs, 1 fried egg, and 4 scrambled. The mouthfeel of the whites was noticeably superior: smooth, firm, and without a trace of rubberyness. The yolks also lacked the sulfuric aftertaste often present in less-fresh store-bought eggs. I can't tell if these benefits are solely a feature of their freshness, or if Marin Sun's pasturing practices contribute to the added quality; pastured-eggs do outperform solely-grain-fed eggs in nutrition profile.

Jenny found a small local egg producer at the Menlo Park Farmer's Market today, so next time I snag Marin Farm beauties at the Ferry Building, we can do a freshness-controlled taste test.

Other MP market finds: delicious, local organic strawberries (3 pints/$7, so we bought 6). I love heritage strawberries. Smaller fruit, concentrated sweetness, and complex flavor. The big, shiny supermarket variety tastes bland in comparison. I also bought another olive oil (I'm such a sucker for olive oil). Olive de Oro (produced in Los Gatos) offers several varieties of certified extra virgin and flavored organic oils. After liberal sampling, I settled on their basil-infused oil. May tomato season come quickly, as this will be divine on those sweet, sun-ripened beauties. I may even plan a mozzerella-making experiment for the occasion.

Oh man, hungry again. How does this always happen?


Kit said...

please make a pizza.

especially one with just bread, good olive oil, and some parm.

Or you know, since its spring/summer and you're getting such a variety of awesome ingredients, could you do a fanciful little tapas collection?
- some fresh mushrooms sauteed in herbs with an egg yolk to dip them in
- cut off the very top of a beautiful egg shell, empty it of its contents, fill it with a divine custard
- cucumber vodkas with spicy gazpacho chasers
- asparagus tips with shallots or truffle oil
- roasted artichoke hearts topped with a quail egg and red caviar?
- mini nicoise salads with one kalamata olive, some dressed arugula, a slice of ripe tomato, a few green beans, a poached quail egg, and one slice of marinated sushi tuna? Fussy, but tasty I bet.
- Spring Vegetable Chirashi-style sushi? I'm thinking.. vinegared brown rice topped with spicy sprouts and the sweetest of spring peas?
- Or go wild. Get some sausage, cheese, tomatoes, olives, good olive oil and make yourself a decadant meaty platter.

And make a sangria!
my head is popping.

Monica said...

oh kit, you culinary siren