Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Notes from the Pantry: Fantasy!

Oh, to be young and unemployed.

I'll soon thirst for meaningful work, structure, income...but meanwhile, I enjoy being a roustabout. It leaves much time for daydreaming.

One minus to communal living is the limited kitchen space. Whereas Synergy seduced me with their 8-burner gas range and industrial Hobart mixer, my current digs leave little room and much danger for personal culinary acoutrements (did you plan to keep those knives sharp?). But one day, "when I grow up," I will have an utterly gorgeous kitchen (even if it is the only room in the house, and I sleep there).

Here is my running Kitchen Wish List:

1. A sharp set of professional knives.
2. Bamboo cutting boards.
3. Le Creuset dutch oven.
4. All Clad stainless steel cookware.
5. Several cast-iron skillets, well seasoned.
6. One sexy espresso machine, with accompanying burr grinder.
7. One industrial Hobart N40 5-quart mixer, with all attachments.
8. Prep bowls. Not prep JARS, prep bowls.
9. Professional blender, food processor, and juicer.
10. Matching white plateware, silverware, wine glasses, etc.
11. Pasta extruder, for when I want capellini instead of linguini.
12. Brick oven, for naan. Delicious, delicious naan.
13. Professional convection oven.
14. Assorted bakeware, gizmos, gadgets, and thingamajigs, herefore unnamed.

My god, it will be beautiful.


Monica said...

Or maybe I'll just start a foodie co-op, and we can all share!

Kit said...

holy crap.. I've been eying Le Creuset dutch ovens for ever... too bad they cost more than 100 bucks..

Have you seen the kitchen in "Eat Drink Man Woman"? Because that's my ideal kitchen. You don't even have to watch the entire movie. Just watch the opening sequence where they show the dad making all the goodies. And yes, I do want my own chicken coop and frog pond.

The little japanese food store by my apartment has a beautiful five piece chawanmushi set. Alas, it is 100 bucks.

Me-thinks that materialism may not be a bad thing after all. Not when it comes to buying tools-of-the-trade.

Kit said...

Oh man... so, whenever I get sad about my current life, I think about running away and somehow starting up an okiya of sorts in the Haight district where my house becomes an open museum of sorts for random art, robotic trickery, goldberg-esque mechanwizardry, fabulous cookery and brilliant crookery.
Think smoke and mirrors except that the smoke comes from a cold-smoker for fish and half-silvered mirrors for interfermetric optimagic.

Kit said...

im obviously on drugs right now.