Sunday, May 20, 2007

Notes from the Pantry: May!

Oops! Where did May go?

Fear not, gentle reader; I have not taken to fasting, but rather, mere laziness.

But here's what I've been up to: read Peter Singer's "The Ethics of What We Eat," picked organic strawberries at Eatwell Farms, planted an herb garden, licked envelopes at Slow Food, learned how to slaughter a chicken at Hidden Villa, and tasted fresh milk straight from the udder (swoon).

Feast-wise, I have several recipes to update: grilled scallops and mango salsa, dal with Bhutanese red rice, spelt-walnut bread, vegan lemon-cream tart, cappuccino-infused cream eclairs, morels and asparagus sauteed in butter, devilled eggs with wasabi caviar, grilled potato coins with creme fraiche and wasabi caviar, liver mousse with shallots and port, and grill-roasted beer can chicken. Yum!

Also, I am now employed! Which means my dream of owning a good knife set will soon be realized...

Work supports my food addiction.

Recipes to follow!

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